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Dollars and Sense
  • Dollars and Sense

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Get the knowledge you need to navigate financial and economic decisions.

DATE: June 11-12, 2021
TYPE: Virtual, Facilitated 
DURATION: 2 days 


Physicians regularly face decisions that involve understanding funding, financial implications and economic trade-offs. However, these topics are rarely covered in medical school―leaving many physicians puzzled about how money works

This Physician Leadership Institute course demystifies accounting and economics, equipping you to answer a wide variety of questions at the decision-making table such as:

  • “What is this financial report telling me?”
  • “Just how precarious is the financial condition of my hospital or health authority?”
  • “How do I interpret a seemingly glowing economic evaluation of a new drug critically?”
  • “How do I economically justify the case to buy new equipment or adopt a novel therapy?”

Real-life examples will test your ability to make decisions based on sound economic and accounting principles. This core course* involves hands-on work with financial spreadsheets: participants should have Excel installed on their laptop.

*Dollars and sense is 1 of 6 core courses ― essential training for physicians interested in or engaged in a leadership position.


  • comfortably use economic evaluation and financial concepts when making decisions involving money;
  • easily interpret information on the cost of providing care at your facility;
  • bring your clinical expertise to discussions involving financial and economic matters; and
  • actively engage in funding and spending decisions.


    Ian McKillop PhD

    Jeffrey HochPhD

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