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Leadership focus: managing distractions for improved productivity & well-being
  • Leadership focus: managing distractions for improved productivity & well-being

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Put unrelenting distractions in their place, get closer to reaching your goals.

TYPE: Virtual, Facilitated
DURATION: 2 days


Frustrated by distractions, demands and pressures? Studies suggest that, the more you continue to evolve as a leader, your increasingly hectic pace may contribute to greater stress and reduced productivity. There’s no better time to take control and sharpen your focus.

In this Physician Leadership Institute course, you’ll get a practical framework to help restore your focus “muscles” so you can accomplish what matters most to you. The course takes a hands-on, practical approach to building your focus through effective leadership skills such as time management and mindful practices.


  • identify the modern health care workplace environment as a source of worker distraction and poor performance;
  • examine the links between attention, resilience, empathy and relationship building;
  • cultivate focused awareness and minimize distractions; and
  • use mindfulness, reflective practice and communication techniques to enhance performance.



Paul Mohapel PhD

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