Social systems leadership: Thriving in complexity (in-house)
  • Social systems leadership: Thriving in complexity (in-house)

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Unlocking the mysteries of social complexity.

DATE: January 15-16, 2021
TYPE: Virtual, Facilitated
DURATION: 2 days


Physicians (and many other healthcare workers)  act as experts – not only because of their training, but also because the structure and culture of the health system force them into that expert role. As a result, experts can struggle to lead in the volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity of a complex system such as the Canadian healthcare system. 

This course helps with the understanding and practice of systems thinking in an interactive way, and makes large complex systems more understandable to live in and influence. Systems thinking will come alive through exercises, learning through a simulated organization and working on a case action plan.


Learners will be able to:

  • Examine and discuss the complexity of the Canadian system for health and disease care.
  • Develop and apply skills in sense-making to guide decisions in complicated, complex and chaotic systems.
  • Recognize and influence underlying archetypes and social systems patterns causing resistance to systemic changes.
  • Uncover and interpret patterns of interaction and learn to foster and manage relationships
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