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DETAILS: November 30, 2020 (6-9PM)
TYPE: Online, facilitated
DURATION: 3 hours


This three-hour online course is designed to provide an overview of the key themes in patient safety and introduce participants to the science of safety and factors that affect patient safety in healthcare settings. The course will review the patient safety environment in Canada and examine the role and interactions of healthcare providers, organizational systems, and patients and families. The COVID-19 pandemic environment has brought special considerations to both thinking about and also acting to maintain safety. The discussions and activities in the course will explore this special set of circumstances. The course is introductory in nature and the concepts and ideas will be of immediate practical value for the participants.

During this session you can expect to:

  • Learn key practical and conceptual topics in patient safety
  • Identify common factors influencing patient safety
  • Apply tools and techniques individually and in teams to promote safety
  • Explore the role of patients and family in patient safety
  • Apply these concepts and ideas and adapt them to pandemic situations
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