Dollars and Sense (CCPL)
  • Dollars and Sense (CCPL)

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Gain the knowledge you need to successfully navigate financial and economic decisions related to your practice..

DATE: May 27-28, 2020 
TYPE: Face-to-face, Instructor-led 
DURATION: 2 days


Physicians regularly face decisions that involve understanding funding, financial implications and economic tradeoffs. However, these topics are rarely covered in medical school―leaving many physicians puzzled about how money works once they enter the workforce.

This Physician Leadership Institute course demystifies accounting and economics as it relates to your practice, equipping you to answer a wide variety of questions at the decision-making table such as:
  • “What are these financial statements telling me?”
  • “How is the financial health of my hospital or health authority?”
  • “What are the working capital needs of my practice?”
  • “How do I critically interpret a seemingly glowing economic evaluation of a new drug?”
  • “How do I identify and assess the financial implications of buying new equipment or adopting a novel therapy?”

    • Comfortably use economic evaluation and financial concepts when making decisions involving money;
    • Easily interpret information on the cost of providing care at your facility;
    • Bring your clinical expertise to discussions involving financial and economic matters;
    • Actively engage in funding and spending decisions.
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