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Leadership begins with self-awareness
  • Leadership begins with self-awareness

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That which we are unaware of, we cannot change or improve. Self-awareness is the foundation of all leadership.

 DATE: Nov. 1 - Dec. 12, 2021 
LIVE WEBINARS: Thursdays 7:30 pm ET1 (please note the course begins on the Monday prior to the first webinar)
TIME COMMITMENT: 3-4 hours of self-led activities per week
TYPE: Virtual, Blended
DURATION: 6 weeks


In your professional life, you may face many obstacles: the struggle to make meaningful change at work, clashing with certain personality types or feeling disengaged. The solutions ― all which require creativity, innovative thinking and collaboration ― must start with self-awareness.

In this Physician Leadership Institute course, you will begin to develop a profound sense of self through examining your personal vision and values, personality attributes, emotional intelligence skills and intrinsic strengths. These personal insights will help shape your leadership development plan.

Leadership begins with self-awareness is 1 of 6 core courses ― essential training for physicians interested in or engaged in a leadership position.


  • recognize the critical importance of personal mastery as a foundation for effective leadership;
  • achieve a more complete view of yourself as a leader with respect to personal values and principles, personality style, emotional intelligence and strengths;
  • develop strategies to harness your strengths and manage your limitations; and
  • establish a professional development action plan that includes setting personal leadership goals.

1We always recommend attending webinars live whenever possible however, should you be unable to attend a session live a recording will be made available to you. Please note webinar days are subject to change based on holidays and faculty availability. A final schedule will be provided to you 30 days prior to the course start.



Paul Mohapel PhD

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