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Polarity management: Adaptive leadership for competing priorities
  • Polarity management: Adaptive leadership for competing priorities

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Setting priorities in a fast-paced health care environment

TYPE: Virtual, Facilitated
DURATION: 2 sessions  Day 1: 10 - 4 PM ET Day 2: 6-9:15 PM ET


As health care continues to evolve at an accelerating pace, health care practitioners continue to be confronted with numerous dilemmas, or polarities, that need to be managed. Balancing standardized practices while meeting the individual needs of the patient. Implementing new technologies while protecting the personal touch that is so important to patient care. Striving to maintain stability while embracing the change needed to move forward. Many of these dilemmas are an inherent part of the system’s structure. Polarity Management™ is both a method and a framework that supports individuals and teams to effectively identify and manage these naturally occurring polarities.

Research shows that high-performing organizations perform well because, in part, they have created systems and processes that help them manage polarities well. Effective leaders are both clear and flexible, and high-performing organizations both centralize for coordination and decentralize for responsiveness. It’s not about either or, it’s about both!

This course is designed to help you as a physician leader learn how to effectively identify and manage naturally occurring polarities in your life, practice and/or organization, and how adaptive leadership can help make your strategies a reality.

Expect to learn how to:

  • identify context factors driving transformation in our organizations;
  • explore and apply the construct of Zooming In and Zooming Out in systems, from the tactical to strategic and on to the systemic domains;
  • assess your personal leadership agility orientation;
  • differentiate between problems to solve and polarities to manage;
  • examine and apply polarity thinking at the micro, meso and macro levels in social systems;
  • see polarities in different contexts;
  • map polarities on a polarity map;
  • implement a process for assessing polarities in a group setting;
  • manage polarities by identifying early warning signs of over-focusing on one polarity to the neglect of the other;
  • develop your own polarity maps at work at the micro, macro and meso levels;
  • identify how to use polarity thinking when addressing conflict; and
  • identify various resources for deepening your capacity in polarity mapping.

This course can be tailored and delivered* to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams at your organization, meeting or conference. We’d be happy to work with you to find the right course for you and your organization. Please complete this brief questionnaire, and one of our learning specialists will get back to you to discuss options.

*Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, courses will be delivered virtually until further notice.


    Phil Cady CD BSW MA (Leadership) DSocSci (Cand)

    John Van Aerde MD MA PhD FRCPC

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