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VJHPS: Strength-based leadership
  • VJHPS: Strength-based leadership

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This course is open to practicing physicians and residents.

DATE: Nov. 17-18, 2022 (10:00-5:00 PM ET)
TYPE: Virtual, Facilitated
DURATION: 2 days


The culture of health care tends to view leadership as “solving problems.” But the conventional wisdom of fixing weaknesses (i.e., find what’s wrong and try to correct it) has been shown to be limiting and ineffective in the long term. It can lead to uninspired individual and organizational performance and contribute to demotivation and stress. Focusing on what works and paying more attention to what intrinsically energizes people is a much more effective approach.

This interactive course will help participants accurately identify their personal strengths and leverage them using pragmatic strategies. It also offers ways leaders can identify and leverage the strengths of their people and teams to increase work engagement and well-being and drive innovation. 

  • recognize the value of a strengths-based approach to leadership;
  • complete a strength-based assessment to uncover your unique strengths, talents and gifts and those of your team;
  • describe how strengths-based approaches can facilitate improved engagement of health care professionals, reduce burnout and lead to better team and patient outcomes;
  • examine strategies to build a strengths-based culture that values the unique gifts that everyone brings to the team and fosters a culture of engagement, diversity and inclusion;
  • create a development plan to build on your strengths, while managing around your blind spots; and
  • identify and encourage strengths-based approaches in peers and teams.

This course can be tailored and delivered* to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams at your organization, meeting or conference. We’d be happy to work with you to find the right course for you and your organization. Please complete this brief questionnaire, and one of our learning specialists will get back to you to discuss options.

*Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, courses will be delivered virtually until further notice.


Paul Mohapel PhD

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